Son Raw: does whatever a spider can.

Slackk: Eskimo enthusiast, purveyor of thickly accented radio chatter, arachnophile. I’ve already said my piece regarding the music he’s been playing on Rinse, but he’s recorded another session so I’m compelled to repeat myself: these beats are great and you can download two hours of music for free. Get on it. DJing aside, the Liverpudlian’s also been on the grind production wise, seamlessly merging the soulful boogie of his Patrice & Friends alias with the more mechanical Grime he plays under his main monicker.

Silk Robe, which scores the above video of umm…dancing spiders, starts off as a maximalist cloud rap beat before suddenly switching into a jazz inflected boogie reminiscent of MF DOOM’s better work. Meanwhile, Room Made Vague approximates Grime as filtered through the Neptunes’ more haunting work to an altogether darker effect. Fantastic music to negotiate the price of a brick to. Or watch arachnids get down to, apparently.

MP3: Slackk on Rinse FM (June)

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