June 24, 2013


Someone was telling me last week how there is a formula to an Action Bronson verse. Mix an acrobatic gymnastic move into a foreign car, throw in a reference to an 80s athlete, smuggling drugs, and an exotic gourmet dish. Simmer and serve. And while many of his songs can be broken down that way, it doesn’t necessarily invalidate them. Lil Wayne released about 9000 songs between 05 and 08 that were based on some amalgamation of him hustling, having an F. in his name, and being the son of Birdman. Sprinkle similes liberally.

But aside from maybe Danny Brown, there’s no one out right now who I have more fun quoting. “Heel Toe” is a Harry Fraud-produced loosie recorded around the time of Saab Sessions. “What’s that, velvet?” “I stay on a boat like a barnacle.” “Control the whip with one arm like I’m Richard Kimble.” The latter can be paired with “steer the whip with one arm like Jim Abbot.” The beat sounds like an 80s TV theme song. The lyrics are equally neon but never nostalgic. Great greyhound betting music.

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