July 23, 2013

It’s vague whether Cory Jreamz is referencing the Allen Ginsberg poem “Howl” or just channeling the feeling of being young, furious, and free to film a video featuring your friends in a fox mask. He does brag that he wants to be “badder than Ernest Hemingway,” which is a great line that can be interpreted in a dozen ways depending on how you feel about the International Imitation Hemingway Competition.

Jreamz is a 19-year old from Houston, where most of the 19-year olds from Houston rap like the guys in the Boiler Room video. June 27th influenced and steeped in tradition. Or they’re in the Kirko Bangz industry model, where you are liable to get ethered in one “Drake Featuring Drake” bar. This has nothing to do with Jreamz, who is rapping on what Steady Bloggin‘ described as Sun Araw sampling Vietnamese psychedelia.

This feels like the kind of stuff Kanye thinks he is doing in his own head. Weird jangled wolf cub rap with a ferocious 50 yard stare at the camera. It’s closer to someone like Zeroh or Jeremiah Jae than it is ESG. Jreamz looks like he will steal every car in the parking lot and drive them to Key West to catch marlins with his bare hands and eat them raw.

Other Jreamz music below the jump, as you knew.

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