July 25, 2013

regal degalRegal Degal remain the most underrated band to wield guitars. They dropped an album last year on Dean Spunt of No Age’s label, a co-sign that should’ve ostensibly helped drag them out of the buzz blog swamp. No (Black) dice. You can read the backstory in an LA Weekly column I wrote last year, where the closest one-liner of comparison I could muster was: the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack adapted for German consumers by funky English post-punks. And they’re named after the Quaalude haven frequented by Jack Tripper and Larry Dallas. Only a Mr. Ferley or Mr. Hand could deny their excellence in the field of excellence.

They’ve since returned to New York City and prepped the Unseen EP for Terrible Records, the imprint of Chris “Grizzly Bear” Taylor. It features their most polished songwriting yet. Before they slashed and sneered like the Television Personalities had they came up on Afro-beat, this has a softer 60s influence, mixed with a little bit of grunge and shoegaze. Maybe they should’ve stayed in LA because the mood here is reminiscent of the Paisley Underground jangle of the Rain Parade and The Dream Syndicate. Either way, Regal Degal are radical and I don’t use the word radical very often unless it’s to describe bomb throwers or Bill & Ted.  Listen to them. I’m saying.

Stream: (H/T Aaron Frank via Stereogum)

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