July 29, 2013

Crime family rap. Dingy and dirty. Too little has been written about Alchemist’s grow science that has resuscitated the murda muzik wing of what was once called “underground rap.” We don’t use the word anymore because it got played out and brings back acid flashbacks of too-tight backpacks, too baggy jeans, and fitteds instead of snapbacks. If the music stayed this raw and filthy, no one would have needed to distance themselves from the term. Durag P pops up to prove that 2013 is the year he brought gully back, complete with bags of white powder, a meat cleaver and naked lightbulbs. His hat has buttons too.

You want minimalism. This is just a no frills loop and drums blacker than basalt.  The video features severed feet, samurai swords, big guns, and dead fish. Ideal to capture the vibe of a Monday morning.

Tracks and durags below the jump. 360 waves guaranteed. You can also obtain them here.

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