hqdefaultAbe Beame wants to know where’s Wallace, String?

There are a number of commendable things 27 year old director Ryan Coogler has accomplished with his recently released Fruitvale Station. The fairly breezy character sketch of Oscar Grant on the last day of his life does a lot by simply delivering a realistic depiction of an imperfect but trying young black man in Oakland (and not being Tyler Perry). Coogler is probably headed towards nominations and critical backlash this winter, but for me, what he really nailed was the soundtrack. The movie is crammed with slap from the likes of Jacka and Mistah FAB, but the best scene was the impromptu party that breaks out on the BART line into San Francisco on New Years’ Eve.

Armed with only a cell phone and a conveniently supplied set of speakers, Oscar and company get thizz to Vallejo anthem “I’m feelin myself” by Bay deity Mac Dre. As Oscar’s friends smoke blunts and blacks and hit on lesbians we feel included in the communal outpouring of good will. It only makes the loss that occurs moments later more palpable as an idiot transit cop “mistakes” his gun for his taser. On your way out tonight, turn this shit up and pour something out for Oscar Grant.

MP3: Mac Dre – “Feeling Myself”



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