August 19, 2013

Tosten Burks has spawned no offspring in his homeland.

As Doom’s influence becomes more and more pervasive, I’ve wondered why the Metal Face never spawned any offspring in his homeland. UK rap stays grimy. Where are the dusty sample loons spitting nonsensical internal rhymes? Even with the man himself trapped across the Atlantic, the landscape shifted him rather than the other way around. JJ Doom felt British.

Whether the lineage is direct and/or acknowledged or not, Irish rapper Rejjie Snow feels apart of the Dumilean tradition. In the new video for “Snow (My Rap Song),” he flirts with Hennessey, speaks Greek with a stutter, and is out in the valley on the search for a rare stone. This is what obscure imagery looks like when you’re just trying to be funny, not trying to prove your obscurity (s/o to Mac Miller.) It helps that Snow spits with the cocky boredom of Earl.

“Snow” comes off the Rejovich EP that came out in June. You can (and should) stream it below. Rejjie is apparently homies with King Krule, but that’s something I mention in the final graf because the music speaks for itself. You flirt with the moon because she’s gorgeous, not because she’s affiliated with the sun.

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