130807-Majid-JordanSlava P’s spirit animal is the Cheshire owl.

When Drake released his power ballad-wedding song, “Hold On We’re Going Home” last week, he credited an artist by the name of Majid Jordan for the production and back-up vocals. It didn’t take long for Spin’s investigative journalists to unearth the fact that Majid Jordan is actually two people: Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, a pair of Toronto producers. Before “Hold On We’re Going Home”, Majid Jordan were unknown artists who were most likely told by Drake to embrace the romance of anonymity (a phrase that would make a great title for a Drake song) in order to preserve public interest for as long as possible. Because if there was anything that Drake learned from last year’s Weeknd debacle. it’s that an artist’s image – or lack thereof – can cover over a multitude of their musical sins. Thanks to the power of the internet-sleuth, it was quickly discovered that not only did Maid Al Maskati create a Soundcloud playlist filled with everything one might want to include in a ‘Drake-bait mix’ – complete with a Satin Jackets remix to an Aaliyah song – but that the duo also released a self-titled LP.

In short, Majid Jordan sounds like what Jai Paul would’ve accidentally-on-purpose released if he had grown up in Toronto instead of the UK. The same minimalist vibe is present in both projects as both acts try desperately hard to make it sound like they are not trying very hard at all.

Majid Jordan’s self-titled LP is an album that’s obviously influenced by the fragmented ethnic makeup you’d find on a casual stroll through Toronto. ‘Take Control’ has a West Indian sheen to it, complete with terrible patois; ‘The Law (Part 1)’ features what sounds like a Chinese yueqin being plucked; ‘Chill Pad Deluxe’ exudes the type of cocksure seduction and confidence that’s equated with the city’s metrosexual city-slickers. The rest of the album is filled to the brim with ethereal mid-tempo tracks that sound like they’re coming from underwater or the next room over – something that’s become a sort of calling card for Toronto talent in the last 4 years.

Drake’s plan of attack for the coming months seems to include releasing an album and starting a boutique label filled with nothing but singer/songwriters. He’s already introduced PartyNextDoor as the Weeknd replacement that you feel safe enough to leave your drink unattended around, so signing this duo is the next logical step in creating a dynasty of sugar-free talent.

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