Tosten Burks can’t decide if CJ Spiller is the new Brian Westbrook or the new DeAngelo Williams.

I don’t know what I’m looking for in the evolution of Lex Luger, but I guess this will do. Boisterous orchestras are replaced by rappity trap ambience on the Underachiever’s “Leaving Scraps,” and while neither Issa Dash nor AK has any recognizable personality yet, their flows in tandem continue to win. There’s power in numbers–Jurassic 5 explained that over a decade ago.

Luger is producing half of the duo’s new EP The Lords of Flatbush. I can’t decide if this is exciting. On one hand, the Underachievers have the writing chops to take on more challenging production, and sound better when they do. On the other, Flockaveli’s significance has never been more obvious. But that’s kind of the problem. Luger got swagger jacked by the entire genre. As everyone crowded the lane, he either needed to dominate traffic or continue to iterate. I’m not sure he’s done either, but maybe he caught the Brainfeeder bug and got all art-y. We’ve certainly never heard him sound this spare.

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