15ousnaFat Joe continuing his one hot song every two years average. I need more interns to comb through Joey Crack records to scoop up the gems, but this got traction all over the Internet because Action Bronson’s slicked back hair is approaching the sheen of an Italian basketball coach and DJ Premier. You would never know this was actually pretty good because everything on the Internet is either AMAZING or TRASH. Either way, you forget it tomorrow.

Joe is rhyming “Rihanna” and Madonna like he just took tips from Marshall “Rock Box” Mathers. It’s sort of embarrassing, but if you discovered rap music before “Lean Back,” you may remember when Fat Joe was actually a very strong rhymer. I have a soft spot for the guy, but that might just be a fat rapper joke. But he made “John Blaze.” What has Big Sean done for you lately? It’s nice that Bronson can join the buffet. He bodies the older Bronx representative, though Primo comes with his hardest fastball in a minute. This is far better than his dull imitators who somehow eclipsed him on that Joey Badact tape. The snares hit like something off of The Ownerz. Maybe he just saves the best beats for Joe. I mean, he did lace him with “The Shit is Real” and “Success.” Hopefully, Joey gets through his tax evasion bid quickly and they don’t serve cottage cheese.

MP3: Fat Joe ft. Action Bronson (prod. by DJ Premier) – “Your Honor”

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