August 29, 2013

9086038.87Last night, Passion of the Weiss won the 2013 LA Weekly Web Award for Best Music Blog. There were boy band reunion ticket bribes to the judges, knee caps “accidentally” crushed of the competitors, and at one point, I had to hike 17 miles for a cheesecake just to snare the final vote. It was worth it.

There’s something admittedly strident and self-congratulatory about devoting a post to an award that you won. But I just wanted to use it as an opportunity to thank everyone who has been reading our site over the last eight years — especially those who have been down since down one. Welcome to Death Row, which is not just a record label, but the Internet term for a website that doesn’t subsist on fake news and listicles to exaggerate readership numbers. Even if you guys never comment, the Sitemeter lets us know that you care. There are big and exciting changes coming up in the near future. Alas, I lost my bid for the domain name,, so not as many big and excited changes as I had hoped for.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge the staff writers. Without them, this site would probably have long gone into the dusty badlands where you’ll find pretty much every other independent writing-driven blog that started in 2005. No one is doing this for the money and everyone sacrifices their social life and free time to bring thoughtful writing, rapper slander, and twerking illustrations. Shout out to Son Raw, Martin Douglas, Aaron Matthews, Jonah Bromwich, Alex Piyevsky, Brian Payne, Brad Beatson, Adam Wray, Jordan Pedersen, Tosten Burks, Aaron Frank, Chris Daly, MobbDeen, Doc Zeus, Evan Nabavian, Harold Stallworth, Hannibal Moncrief, Jimmy Ness, Josh Lerner, Matt Shea, Max Bell, Slava Pastuk, and anyone else who has ever contributed an article or to a feature. As the god, Sydney Deane once said: we going to Sizzler.

Below the jump, footage of us celebrating the victory.

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