Slava P is Gucci Mane’s true best friend.

When The Weeknd’s House of Balloons came out, the main appeal of the project lay in it’s derangement. It was dark, it was bleak, and it was confessional to the point of discomfort. For his Kissland promotional run, Abel abandoned all of this. His recent exploits include doing Kimmel, a week-long campaign in part with Diddy’s Revolt that let fans leave a voicemail for him, and a fucking Reddit AMA. Suffice to say, the darkness and the mystery is gone. But that essence drips from every pore in Papi Pacify, a new video from London rookie FKA Twigs.

The video consists of Twigs enveloped in the arms of a large dreaded man as he alternatively strokes her face and sticks his fingers in her mouth. It`s a video best described as Sade-o-masochism. Yes, it can be difficult to watch, but the accompanying audio is hauntingly beautiful. It`s repetitive, but in a good way, almost like a creepwave influenced homage to Daft Punk`s “Around The World.”

The same things that make this video uncomfortable to watch are the same ones that make it enjoyable. It’s got the stark darkness and fog of mystery that have been attached to every big R&B act in recent memory and the juxtaposition of the sensual music with the awkwardly erotic imagery would be uncomfortable for even Abel to stomach. Regardless of how creepy you may think it is, it’s hard to deny its beauty. There`s a certain charm to a piece of art that doesn’t try to go out of its way to force the idea that THIS IS ART down your throat.

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