September 23, 2013

Future Tresvant switching up his flow so effortlessly that the sad robot army left in his wake has to return to Ted Lawson for new programming. I interviewed Nayvadius at a studio in North Hollywood last week and there were a lot of epiphanies that extend beyond his mild resemblance to the raptor formerly known as Ronald Artest. For one, he records in a dim studio only illuminated by a solitary candle because of course he does. For two, he doesn’t write anything down and told me that everything he does is essentially a freestyle from “Bugatti” to “Shit.” “U.O.E.N.O” came about one day when he was in a studio in Atlanta, saw Rocko in the next room, asked him to play some beats and just started croaking all over everything. Several months later, the sessions were chopped up into one of the best songs of the year.

He told me that Honest is only about 60 percent done, but he is recording every day. The rough translation is that I doubt it will make its late November release date. Surprise. We also talked about Big Rube (“poetry at his finest”), what he learned from Outkast (“take your time when you make an album”), and how he will keep on re-inventing himself because he can and needs to stay ahead of the swag Draculas. The bottom line is that Future is made of music just like Bjork on this SNL skit. Everything is musical. Buzzer.

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