information-for-booking-Ty-Dolla-SIgnFor the latest installment of Shots Fired, we had on Ty$, the soulful singer of rap music and ratchet Spanish Fly, who was especially calm, cool, and relaxed despite having a hit single called “Paranoid.” Credit it to the blunt tucked behind his ear or the fact that his song is on radio multiple times an hour. Either way, he humored our slanderous behavior and dropped gems on a wide range of topics ranging from his father being in Lakeside to his favorite producer, Dilla. We also bonded over our shared connection to Coolio, who is a not-so-silent benefactor for both of our dads. Los Angeles is smaller than one would think. There is more, but you can listen to the show or not listen to the show, as is your wont. Now that I have used the word “wont” before noon, I believe it’s time I end this post.

As always, the episode below the jump, along with Ty$’s latest excellent mixtape, Beach House 2. Nocando also dropped a very personal and (I think) powerful song called “Special.” I’m posting that below the jump, in spite of the fact that he used a soccer jersey selfie as the Soundcloud art.

ZIP: Ty$ – Beach House 2 (Left-Click)

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