A picture is worth at least a thousand dollars worth of codeine. If you have paid attention to the previous two posts on Maxo Kream or are merely tuning in now for the release of Quiccstrikes, the image above gives you the idea. His eyes are glowing purple, he’s wearing a blue rag around his head, gold grills and seems to be melting into a double Styrofoam cup. This is what the music sounds like. Music made to be heard while sitting on vogues, originally inspired by the Screwed Up Click, routed through A$AP Mob and re-routed back down to Texas. There is even an A$AP Ant cameo, if that is the sort of thing that makes you want to pay attention.

Maxo Kream raps very well and has a knack for picking up 90s pop culture flotsam and comparing them to cocaine. Bob Saget. Monica Lewinsky. Joey Buttafuoco. I don’t know if the latter reference is true and I assume it’s spelled incorrectly. Such is life. Don’t worry about the details. There are only so many ways that someone can tell you to light up, talk about cocaine, and The Wire, but this tape still manages to bludgeon. Very highly recommended in spite of his praise of Lebron and South Beach.

ZIP: Maxo Kream – Quiccstrikes (Left-Click)

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