The Big Pun Facebook page decided to highlight this 18-month old Mister Cee tribute to the only Latin rhymer with a platinum plaque (who obviously didn’t count Prince Markie Dee nor did he live to see the Pitbull reign of terror). As a card carrying, Christopher Rios fan club member, I am obligated to post this. I highly recommend joining this Fan Club, you get a 10 percent off Krispy Kreme’s, bodega quarter waters, and manzanas (rotten or fresh).

If I may step away from the bad jokes, I would like to permanently state my appreciation for Pun, whose XXL contribution to rap was tragically truncated. He carried the Kool G Rap mantle to the next generation, to where it’s become the most frequently cited ’88 influence among rappers. You can see his influence in A$AP Mob and Action Bronson if you look hard enough and in dozens of rappers who attempted to mimic the machine gun style and only wound up clutching a 9 mm. I will put his verses on “Dream Shatterer” and “Twinz (Deep Cover” against any rapper ever. Along with Biggie, he is one of the few who never rapped a weak verse. Listen to this mix. These are mostly guest spots and other cameos, sliced together by Cee with meticulous precision. RIP to the assassin, gone for a baker’s dozen when he should still be eating.

MP3: Mister Cee – RIP Big Punisher Mix (Left-Click)

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