Drama SquadHarold Stallworth wrote this off a six-pack of gluten-free beer.

Fat Joe is a second-ballot Hall of Famer, but a rap legend nonetheless. As a technician, he’s never went to hell for snuffing Jesus, nor traveled at magnificent speeds around the universe. But en route to amassing a respectable catalog, he’s given us a staggering number of “big” moments. He recorded auxiliary ad libs on Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop. He filmed a full-length movie with Mack 10 and hosted the second greatest episode of MTV Cribs. He patented the easiest dance routine this side of the Cha Cha Slide. As arguably the least talented member of DITC’s core alumni, he’s always been an overachiever, and there’s something inspiring about that kind of enduring resilience.

Despite Joey Crack’s invaluable contribution to hip-hop over the years, his send off to prison was as unceremonious as Ja Rule’s return home. But finally, midway through his four-month bid, Drama Squad has released a quasi-tribute to the Bronx legend, whether they’re aware of it or not. Their rendition of “Instagram That Hoe,” featured on the third installment of the go-go band’s No Friends In The Game mixtape series, upgrades the universally panned record to a dynamic roll call punctuated with thunderous horn blasts. “Instagram” is eventually swapped in favor of neighborhoods in and around Washington DC. Drama Squad reserves the right to Michigan Park that hoe, Forest Creek that hoe, or God forbid, Barry Farms that hoe.

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