I’ve used the phrase “post-Odd Future” with mild horror a few times, but for the next year or two, it might become a regular part of all of your lives. This is Donny Oh, a 16 or 17-year old New York rapper who deserves props because he puts words together well in rhythm, but also because of the “Fuck Hypebeasts slogan” on his YouTube page.

But rather than make idle threats, he releases a video for “GSVR,” where he bounds, gags, and kills said Hypebeast. He does this while wearing a Thrasher Magazine shirt, which proves that the best way for a print magazine to hold onto it’s circulation numbers in 2013 is an Odd Future endorsement. I watched Tyler start and quiet down a riot at Low End Theory last Wednesday, so don’t tell me their power has declined because no one writes any more think pieces. This is not to distract from Donny, who seems to have acquired sage lessons from Doom via Earl. As someone who lived through the first ’98-99 underground boom, it’s bizarre but strangely comforting to see the youth re-focused on rappity raps. I just hope that they realize that Doom held up not because he wore a disguise, but because he disguised the fact that at least half of his raps were about how good his raps were. Donny already understands to disregard the nonsense of our comments, so he may be one-step ahead.

I am posting his Stuffed Shells EP below the jump, because I reflexively endorse any rapper who endorses slurpees and includes the caption “not another Internet fuckboy swag rapper talking about molly margielas and money.” Well played.

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