Deen has never even been to Saskatchewan.

When I started writing this piece, I’d have picked any number of other songs from PartyNextDoor’s self-titled effort for the video treatment, but halfway through the video I had to pause and take stock of what I was listening to. I initially had an issue with him shooting a video for a song with a heavy Miguel sample, which, in my opinion, automatically makes it the least idiosyncratic song on the project, but I quickly realized that I can’t complain since he managed to squeeze in an equally short section for one of my favorites on the project, ‘Curious’. Took him long enough.

Yeah, I know I’m changing my tune on this fella’s music, but I’m an adult and I reserve the right to change my mind about these things. Put it this way: it’s rare for me to like most shit the first time I hear it – especially if there’s nepotism and/or weed carrying involved. It’s not my fault that Drake made the really transparent move to find himself some other autotuned, non-singing ass, singing nigga in lieu of The Weeknd. Besides, I’m fairly certain that I gave the guy’s music the props it deserved at the time.

What I didn’t expect was for the tape not to leave my iPhone since it dropped in July. Again, PartyNextDoor shares a lot of qualities with Drake and The Weeknd, but he’s not overly dramatic about any of it. As a matter of fact, he seems to bring an attitude casual (read: shallow) enough to keep proceedings light and fun, even when he’s on his artiste shit. The overwrought bullshit takes a back seat to aesthetics and ambiance throughout this project.

Perfect pre-and-post party music. Perfect for late night drives. Perfect when girls are in the car and about to complain about Kool G Rap or whatever. Simply put, this is one of my favorite projects this year (it’s that time of the year again) and it’s easily the best thing outta Toronto in 2013. And yes, that includes PartyNextDoor’s fair benefactor.

All that said, this nigga definitely loses points for abandoning his durag and growing some dirty ass dreads. I suppose it’s a good way to differentiate himself from the hordes of singing ass niggas that exist at any given time, but I feel as if dreadlocks oughta be limited to Floridians and Island niggas. You know, dirty muthafuckas. But enough about other folks’ styling choices. Methinks PartyNextDoor is here to stay and I’m kinda okay with that…

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