a2957856567_10The pixel killers and slanted squad of gumshoes that comprise the Wrecking Crew are heading out on a tour of the West. The goal is to wind up in Los Angeles, mumbling off the most high octane moss, surrounded by scantily clad aspiring astrologists. So basically the plot of Altman’s version of The Long Goodbye.

I’m pressing for minutes, so I lack the ability to scour my Encyclopedia of Noir for more analogies, but I will say that Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, and Has-Lo have created an aesthetic unique to rap. That is rare and so is the writing — a hard-boiled lyricism that finds the middle ground between Criminology raps and wracked Chandler villains. The Thieves with Good Taste mixtape is below the jump. There are exclusives, remixes, and older joints from the aforementioned trio, plus PremRock. The latter is joining Zilla and Castro for a West Coast tour from November 4-11. It includes a stop on Shots Fired. All the information is below the jump, alongside the hand cannons.


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