tumblr_mhrny1D3YA1qce6sxo1_400Chris Daly will sign your autograph when he comes back from his tour.

Gather round, old heads and young alike.  Here’s a very abridged history lesson for all all hip-hop fans. Kenny Parker, brother of KRS-ONE, unearthed some tapes of old KRS-One sessions and shared them on the Frozen Files radio show on EVR.

Over the course of 22 minutes, the then young M.C. drops early versions of what would become one of the all-time greatest rap albums ever recorded, Criminal Minded. Spitting over a series of DJ Scott La Rock (R.I.P.) and Kool DJ Red Alert beats, aka Chris Parker shows that he was dope from day one. In addition to those early drafts, there are a number of verses here you’ve almost undoubtedly never heard. The La-Di-Da-Di-style freestyle alone is worth the price of admission. This Knowledge Reigns Supreme Overly Nearly Everyone in the days before La Rock got shot, Miss Melody got bought or the Bridge got dropped. The kid is in full effect, and your ear drums will thank you for the half hour edutainment.

(H/T: Unkut)

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