artworks-000061545880-iefvll-t500x500This is not the 2013 “Cartoons & Cereal,” but this is the closest thing to replicating that equation. Kendrick + brazen drug-addled shooter + bando-rattling beat. A response to everyone who was worried that K. Dot was veering exclusively into Eminem’s “SCREAM AT MY MEAN MOM” flow. Maybe it’s the fact that Fredo has no time for the lyrical spiritual miracles or the 808 Mafia beat or his Windy City roots, but this brings out the musicality in Kendrick. And it’s probably worth noting that Kendrick could always rap, but what made him special was his ability to combine it with great hooks and melodies.

In other news, Kendrick may have been willing to say that he was the King of New York, but he isn’t about to say it about the Chi. Fredo in the cut, still a scary sight.

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