January 7, 2014

I’m not sure if Sage the Gemini and Kool John are bucking to be the ratchet Red and Meth or the ratchet Kid N’ Play, but the East Bay HBK gang members are 3/3 with Sage’s last singles. This is pretty much a video tailor-made for play at Kappa’s and Alpha Kappa Alpha Spring Formals. Maybe you think it’s dumb party music, but it achieves every goal it sets out to accomplish. Party music is part of the foundation and few things are more fun than this. And that beat…

I dropped “Red Nose” on New Year’s eve and the appeal cut across all races, creeds, and dog owners. It’s one of those songs that can get a DJ props for pressing play. So, a successful one. These two also rap much better than anyone is giving them credit. The video concept here is somewhere between How High and Old School; somehow Sage and Kool John have wound up at Harvard despite spending the last several years stoned and eating fried snack foods. If nothing else, this is very inspiring to the youth of America that you can gain ingress into any institution of higher learning by writing the right rap song. I mean, Claire Danes got into Yale for being on My So Called Life.

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