January 10, 2014

Son Raw with the shameless self promo

If I mostly keep my DJing off of this site, it’s not out of a sense of self-modesty, it’s that I hate writing about my own music. I’m still on radio Wednesday 1-3EST, follow the Twitter above for regular updates. Otherwise, I usually try to use this site for good and to promote producers and artists I feature in my mixes, rather than keep the hype for myself. Nevertheless, occasionally, someone else will take interest and ask me to contribute a mix and it would be unfair not to shine a light on it. The good people at Phi Sounds have done just that, inviting me in for an interview and an hour of music for their Podcast series. Come for my completely un-grimey, interview voice, stay for tunes by Wen and Terror Danjah.

Mp3: Son Raw – Phi Sounds Podcast
itunes: Phi Sounds Podcast subscription


Logos – Wut it Do (Album mix) [Keysound Recordings]
Special Request – Hackney Parot (V.I.P) [Houndstooth]
Facta – Kobra [Badimup]
Four Tet – Kool FM (Champion remix) [Text]
Killjoy – Higher [Formula]
Coki – Voodoo Dolls [Don’t Get it Twisted]
Murlo – Last Dance [Glacial Sound]
NA – Flute Gasp [Fade to Mind]
TOYC – Keyframe (Bloom Remix) [Crazy Legs]
Pearson Sound – Starburst [Hessle Audio]
Wen – Lo-Fidelity [South Fork Sound]
Epoch – Gun Talk [Egyptian Avenue]
Asa & Sorrow – Militant [Caliber Music]
Arctic – Three Stripes [Liminal Sounds]
DJ Cable – Cartridge [Slit Jockey Records]
Preditah – Jack Up the Tune [Preditah Music]
Saga – Wizley [Lost Codes]
Visionist – Escape [Lit City Trax]
Samename – Okishima Island [Self Released]
Jurassic Fightclub – Katana [Raw Records]
Strict Face – Eski Clash [Self Released]
Chemist – Hoodrat [Coyote]
Dark0 – PRS Riddim [Self Released]
Slackk – Showerman [Unknown to the Unknown]
Royal-T – Hot Ones [Butterz]
Spooky – Rusty Bell (Moony Remix) [Ghost House]
Trends – Green Forest (Zha Remix) [Mean Streets]
Hi5Ghost – My Tram Experience [Self-Released]
Oh91 – Stealth (Spooky Remix) [Coyote]
Royal-T & DOK – Saints [Rinse Recordings]
Major Grave – Looking Forward [Sulk]
Mumdance – Drum Boss [Tectonic]
MssingNo – XE2 [Goon Club Allstars]