youthinkdotcom_497981_164590We can all be adults here. We can cross-promote three or four different pieces of media and you will consume them like the unslakable content-craving readers that you are, then we can all go off and huddle together and talk about what we’ve learned. We can talk about the lizard people and the CIA spreading crack and aliens and the Illuminati and who shot Biggie and 2Pac and Mr. Burns. In the words of Lucille 2: it will be grand. This is a circuitous way to inform you that there is a new Shots Fired featuring Quelle Chris and Open Mike Eagle. And since it is a Shots Fired featuring those guests, it is by default, one of the funniest Shots Fired we’ve done. If nothing else, for Quelle’s brain-boggling theories on pizza and aliens.

And now for the other part of this post where I use the powers bestowed in me by the Judaic baby death cult that controls the media, the international gold system, and all tributaries of smoked and non-smoked salmon, I command you to watch the latest videos from Open Mike and Quelle. Both of them are below the jump, alongside the podcast, a pot of gold, and the corpses of some dead baby aliens that I stole from a class field trip to Area 51. Don’t tell anyone or else we will no longer be best friends.

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