artworks-000066812677-ohuxg3-t500x500Tosten Burks invented seapunk four years ago in a crack alley on the outskirts of Bikini Bottoms.

Whether Albert Redwine is first-gen #seapunk or just an appropriator riding a #waverave , I could care less, as long as he keeps feeding beats to ShowYouSuck, the Rad God of low-brow art-rap. The duo released “Old Voyager” from the vaults last month, a glittery stomp that finds ShowYouSuck training with Yoda at Cobra Kai and shortchanging his waiter for a lack of refills.

The two sound best when together –ShowYouSuck’s assonant absurdities pair perfectly with the metallic screw music that Ultrademon pulls from scrap metal piles at the bottom of Lake Michigan. They delight in out-weirding each other, but slaps this hard keep the wormhole from caving in. Except when it does, as on the back half of their song “Automatic,” a haunting, twitchy banger that calls out Jesus for wearing knockoffs while the devil wears Prada before exploding into anxious electronic pharaoh worship. All of which is to say that watching games of hockey with these Klingons in Benetton sweatshirts is far more fun than fighting Twitter wars with Azealia Banks. Just please don’t die your hair turquoise.

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