Max Bell once owned a bucket hat.

It’s Friday. You may or may not have shit to do. But if you’re already reading this, then you should take a few and watch Schoolboy’s video for “Man of the Year.”

“Man of the Year” is a party in the trees as much as it is on them. There are slow-motion shots of video vixens on tropical sands and Schoolboy makes like Masta Ace, jeep cruising with his music on loud. This is where Schoolboy’s charisma, sativa-induced moxie, and ear for production make the lyrics of less import. Like Raoul Duke, he’s searching for his American Dream one hedonistic spiral at a time. He is TDE’s ‘man of the bounce.’

Again, it’s a beautiful, sunny Friday (at least in LA) and neither of us should think much harder. Listen/watch, bounce, and throw your respective neighborhood in the air.

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