February 6, 2014

artworks-000070019547-d1lxh7-t500x500 Album artwork is usually incidental detail, not so for Brainfeeder’s Teebs whose painting career preceded his sonic one. So when you see one of his canvasses, it’s intrinsically tied to his sound design and vice versa. So when I hear “View Point,” my impressions are already stained by the colors above. The first impression that comes to mind is Rorschach blobs made by Rothko made to presented to a king of an ancient rain forest.

For his latest song, Teebs continues to do miracle work at cultivating his meditative lights-off lovelorn mood music. The beauty of it extends far past pure aesthetics. He’s the type of producer that makes every moment in a song count, so it pulses and ripples and sways and does all sorts of Rolex-glistening glides of perpetual motion. The drums give off a tribal vibe and this makes me want to  acquire all the acres of grass and a raft and sail down the Amazon in search of vast natural resources and a career in the fine arts. If there are no posts up tomorrow, you will know if it is real or if it is not.

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