February 21, 2014

Son Raw kind of just missed the Pokemon era as a kid

Until I checked out the original version of Uncertainty for this post, I’d assumed Jagwar Ma was fronted by a waifish girl from Scotland rather than an Aussie dude with a thing for Madchester era vocal production. A rockist I am not. But seriously, such is the power of MssingNo’s remix: he doesn’t full-on chipmunk the song, he just tweaks and subverts it into an ethereal, gender-bending, dance tune that refuses to play nice with the genres it draws from. This is particularly notable for Grime given its reputation for machismo, but let’s not forget Grindie (almost, sort of…fine, never) happened – it has a Wikipedia page.

The important thing here isn’t fusion for the sake of it, it’s that MssingNo’s remix makes total sense on a number of levels: it’s definitely born of Eski thanks to its hollow, squarewaves but the tropical production also looks towards JME’s more interesting experiments and the hands in the air melody makes it a surefire win for any moonrock fueled field rave from Frisco to France. You don’t need to know your Slew Dem from your Meridian to enjoy this. I quit chemical intoxicants years ago and even I wish I were starry-eyed when that hook comes in.

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