artworks-000071599914-ddnbfw-t500x500Bumpin “Ridin’ Dirty” with the barrel clean, the baleful and bashful asshole, C. Watson aims to take aim on the latest leak from Tin Wooki. He doesn’t want you to make comparisons, but every artist doesn’t want anyone to make comparisons, because no one else is smoking their weed. Every pair of blackened lungs is unique as a snowflake. Ask your cardiologist. He’s aided by Chuwee of Sacramento, who has made the most noise by working with Lee Bannon, the best producer from Sacramento since Mike Bibby.

This beat sounds like a factory pumping out antique tin toys and haunted by the ghosts of kids who died swallowing the product. Some lairs are bleak and some are filled with Kate Upton cut-outs of her floating in outer space. And some are both. This feels like one where the drugs work too well and that’s part of the problem.

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