The video treatment is as straightforward as the message. Do your thing, which in the case of Snoop means smoking bleezies while Dam-Funk is posted up by the bar drinking Godfathers, keytar strapped, and distilling the same no-nonsense approach as your favorite Don.

As you might expect, there is a gyrating girl who has been told that she is gorgeous (among more printable epithets) roughly 12 times an hour for the last half-decade. A full bespoke band comes in at one point until they recede and it’s just Snoop and Dam, alone in the studio, channeling the greats they grew up on. Snoop wears a thousand suit and a million dollar smile. Doing your thing means cultivating your own garden or getting down to your own groove.

Dam’s been steadily dropping old gems too over the last two weeks, which I’m posting below because I invested my entire pension plan in funk-related mutual funds. 7 Days of Funk is still here and still pure jubilance.

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