March 3, 2014

Picture-9Eric Thurm is not like a desk in math class.

Lucki Eck$ mostly raps about dealing drugs, which would be tired if it weren’t for his lyrical dexterity and hypnotic, sensitive delivery. The Chicago 17 year-old’s first mixtape, Alternative Trap, showcased his gift for storytelling and unusual, vivid imagery (standout “Count On Me” has the most sinister school metaphors this side of Breaking Bad). It also doesn’t hurt that beyond his well-trod subject matter, almost everything else about Lucki Eck$ is a bit different. In particular, his music videos create extremely particular, unique visual palettes and just drop the viewer in the deep end, from the dark graffiti tunnel of “Everything Outside” to the late-night stalk of “Count On Me.”

The video for “Boomin’” (produced by frequent collaborator Plu2o Nash), directed by Jimmy Regular, finds Eck$ in a Tron-like nightmare zone, still boomin’, gliding through Chicago like a ghost, breaking his burner phone. The low-grade distortion and bright green border all add up to give Lucki the high score on the most badass ’80s arcade game you never played. When was the last time a flip phone was this cool?

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