BH DJ MilktraySon Raw will be in the UK in May and in Europe early June. He is willing to DJ something that isn’t Techno or Deep House for a reasonable fee. Contact him on twitter if you’re interested.

I was actually thinking of skipping my column since I’d already covered this week’s big releases, but there’s a surplus of great, free music floating around and I feel compelled to inform you about it. Much like Kanye, Jay-Z and Flux Pavillion, I can’t stop. On the plus side, there’s no Skrillex in this round up, homie don’t play that.

First up, there’s Mr. Mitch’s latest peace edit where he tackles the ubiquitous Happy, rescuing Pharell’s vocal from its schmaltzy backing track before dipping it in codeine and embalming fluid. 180 degrees from that, I do my Job is a mumbling, paranoid lurker just begging for an emcee to tackle in the set. And don’t forget last week’s Beach Boys edit as well.

Speaking of producers we’ve covered recently, MssingNo gave away his much-coveted Brandy Flip yesterday. It’s a bastard to mix, a sugar-rush to listen to, and is a natural companion to last fall’s Goon Club Allstars EP. His Twitter now lists the ever reliable Tri Angle Records as a contact now as well, and he’s touring with signee and Yeezus co-producer Evian Christ, so let’s hope for a release there as well. Speaking of which, Evian Christ’s forthcoming EP is bonkers.

Inkke is a name I haven’t mentioned here yet, but he’s been making considerable noise over the past year and I’ve heard whispers of releases on some key labels. Until then, he’s released a free collection of 8-Bar edits covering everything from Nelly and Justin Timberlake to Wiley and Waifer to Night Slugs brutalist Helix. He also dropped a Hip-Hop tempo beat tape called Faded With da Kittens that explores a screwed up, post-Houston, post-A$AP, vibe.

Last week probably wasn’t the best time to release a free Grime compilation celebrating a club night unless said night’s name rhymed with “Cannibal Oxed”, but Aberdeen’s Bake House Volume 1 is more than worth a listen. Covering everything from high energy bangers to ambient pieces to Juke and Club influenced dance tracks, it’s a mission statement for weird, broken, urban dance music and that’s something I can get down with. Plus it comes with some genuinely awesome artwork, a rarity among proper albums, let alone free downloads. Special mention to Strict Face’s electroid B Riddim VIP, TryTryDown’s pirate banger Madness, and Grobbie’s G-Funk 8 Bar tune – Light Speed.

Finally, on the mixing front, Riz La Teef comes through with a heavy selection from Parris, Shriekin’ Specialist, William Skeng and many more names we’re feeling right now. Plus, he cut those tunes to dubplate in true OG, a dedication that sets the mix apart from the glut of throwaway jawns that litter the Internet.

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