Best song with “Cat” in the title since “Cat Daddy?” Pretty obviously. I for one am enthused that cat owners are getting their fair share of attention from a rap game that has been exclusively pro-dog since well before X told us that pit bulls were his only pals. You shouldn’t have to choose between Pac and Biggie, just like you shouldn’t have to choose between dogs and cats. Can they live?

Quite clearly, the Shmop boys are using catting as a double entendre, one that probably could even be interpreted by your grandparents who used to throw around the word “Tomcatting.” This song is getting a bit of mix show burn out in LA, what with minimalism being the new production code of the streets. After having my ears clogged by over-compressed over-synthesized over-hooked rap songs over the last half-decade, I’m all in for the rubbery synths, snares and trapoline bounce of Mustard, HBK, and League of Starz. We’re at a good place when a guy like YG is trying to make conceptual records and Danny Brown can make party rap. HBK is somewhere in between and doing raps well. Arbitrary divisions matter less than at any point since the Jansport-Industrial complex began. You have whatever you like and you don’t need to hear that message delivered through major label simpery. Celebrate. Quit Catting. Buy a Penny Hardaway throwback jersey.

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