Smileswithteeth is the solo project of Gabriel Gutierrez, a Montreal based beatmaker and producer making music for the morning commute. Sampling songs for texture instead of melody, his music falls into an often meditative state, while still being propelled by the current of left-field house and hip-hop. His album, Everyday Always, comes out May 12th via his Bandcamp and is the product of sampling, making and listening to music everyday. Or trying to.

This mix was made for his girlfriend to take on a train from New York to Montreal, and then condensed and edited upon realizing that it reflected his tastes in music right now. Processed guitars and folk vocals juxtapose with jilted rhythms and delicate ambience. It’s music for the ride there and back.

field recording
fennesz – paroles
courtney barnett – avant gardener (acoustic)
oval + aiace – alpen
teebs – ny pt.2 (ft. prefuse 73)
chester watson – picbascassquiato
mo kolours – little brown dog
the books – smells like content
ricky eat acid – outside your house (original)
angel olsen – dance slow decades
arthur russell – let’s go swimming
smileswithteeth – always
d’angelo – africa (acoustic)

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