boogie_rap“Way back” is now defined as 2005-2006, proving that the only thing you are guaranteed in life is that it will eventually pass you by. Whether you’re reminiscing on Gazelle’s and Pelle Pelle or watching The Wood while wearing Fubu Jackets and wave caps, nostalgia is inevitable. One day Soulja Boy will be played on the oldies station — if we’re lucky.

The best artists take you back to those times via highly personalized tales. Boogie is now 24 and Long Beach-based. But back when, he was ditching Lakewood High to go to the mall, immature and mocking people with no bitches, checking his AIM, never thirsty, just with it. Very important lessons to be learned about the importance of not coming off arid and desperate. Boogie takes his own advice and applies it to his bars — laid-back and smooth — waiting for the beat to come to him. He’s one of the most promising rappers to bounce out of LA in the post-Kendrick era. His first mixtape, Thirst 48 revolves around themes of vulnerability, social media, women, and perception vs. reality. It drops soon for free.

The premiere of “Highskoo” is below the jump, along with more Boogie in case you want to take the rest of the day off.


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