It’s clear that someone will have to compile a Nuggets for the ratchet era. Too many gems falling through the cracks. Had “Boss Ass Bitch” not gotten the Nicki Minaj remix, no one would’ve been blogging about it.   Outside of LA, the attention goes to Mustard tracks like “Show Me” and “My Nigga,” but there are still street records that bump in underground clubs, functions, and eventually rack up low six figures on YouTube. Some of them even produced by Mustard. Cue RJ of Pushaz Ink’s “Ride Wit Me,” which is one of the best singles of the year that no one is talking about.

There’s nothing fancy about this. Just a menacing Mustard piano loop, some home invasion rap, and boasts about fucking flips with clover leaf tatts. Between TDE, Pushaz, and Vince Staples, we’re currently living through a second LA gangsta rap renaissance. The sound is different, but the topics aren’t. No one remains a fan of snitches. The fire needs to be kept close. Hoes and skeezers are ratchets and flips, but the sentiment remains the same. If you liked My Krazy Life, you’ll like RJ’s OMMIO. Mustard and his heirs contribute hard beats. TeeFlii appears. The rhymes are suitably raw. It’s the kind of rap music your parents didn’t want you to listen to — so good rap music. And it’s below the jump.

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