Summer_Mixtape_TemplateCDChris Daly is always frontin and maxin’, chillin in the car he spent all day waxin’

I realize the summer solstice just passed, but it’s already been a long summer. Fortunately, this isn’t my first rodeo, so I’ve got a couple of gems to share to keep things cool when it’s too damn hot otherwise.

Now, you might think we take our Seasonal Mixtapes lightly ’round these parts, but the truth of the matter is you’d be De La Soul Is Dead wrong. My original submission had 69 tracks and clocked in at just over four and a half hours. While obviously a more expansive offering touching on numerous different aspects of the hottest quarter of the year, I decided to winnow things down to a more manageable, laser focused, audio document of shit that will keep your head bobbing while your back sticks to the furniture. You’re the poorer for it, but you can always hit me up for my six hour sleepy time mix, if you’re so inclined. i’ve got that kind of time.

Ample doses of grammatically incorrect 80s hip hop to keep it pre-real alongside healthy heapings of new and old school instrumental bliss. The well informed will recognize Pharcyde and Public Enemy sample source material. The cowboy cool will nod their wide brimmed hats towards Ennio, realizing we’re all good, bad and/or ugly (plus, I’ve been on a Man with No Name kick lately, so deal). If you catch the Phoo Action reference, well, seek out a nerd hotline and smile to yourself. And the rest of you can simply enjoy while you get some summer schooling.

Download: Summer Mix 2: Chris Daly

1. Paul Revere, Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill
2. Summer in the City, Quincy Jones ft. Valerie Simpson, You’ve Got It Bad Girl
3. Beauty in the East, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Bombay Dub Orchestra
4. Nate Kukla”s History of Lemonade, Grand Buffet, Live
5. Chitlin Con Carne, Junior Wells, Hoodoo Man Blues
6. Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above, CSS, Cersei der Ser Sexy
7. Hood Pass Intact, Dam-Funk, Toeachizown
8. Dreamer, Dennis Wilson, Pacific Ocean Blues
9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Ennio Morricone, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Soundtrack
10. You Gots to Chill, EPMD, Strictly Business (25th Anniversary Edition)
11. I Ain’t No Joke, Eric B & Rakim, Paid in Full
12. 2Wicky, Hooverphonic, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
13. Cold Sweat, James Brown, Gold
14. Around Midnight, Mecca:83 ft. Spinnerty, Life Sketches Vol. 1 & 2
15. Ganja Babe, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Weeds–Music from the Original Series
16. Doin’ Time (Eerie Splendor Remix), Sublime, Second Hand Smoke


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