July 1, 2014

camron2It’s time to start thinking about where Killa Cam ranks as one of the all-time great rappers. He ghostwrote Lil Kim’s “Crush on You” sixteen years ago, kicked Jay-Z off his biggest hit, and wears capes at 40. His flow has been chipped and implemented by almost every rapper who was in junior high when “Dipset Anthem” dropped. He clowned Bill O’Reilly and created a meme that is now a t-shirt. He outlasted his Children of the Corn comrades Ma$e, Big L, Bloodshed, and McGruff. And in his first film role, he merked out Mekhi Phifer. Cam’ron is one of the few rappers who makes news just by going on vacation.

Cam is like water – pour him into any beat and he becomes it. From young Kanye’s chipmunk soul to the theme from “Night Court”, Killa has never been defined by a specific era other than the Heatmakerz reign that he ushered in with pink fury. When Cam is on more contemporary beats, his slow arrogant flow fits like mink slippers. “Talk About It”, the first single on his upcoming First of the Month EP series dropping via Killa Entertainment, lets Cam flex his classic Harlem steezo: he sells crack around the corner from your favorite church, smacks kufi’s, and references Coolio. The production is closer to a Rozay dissertation on caged tigers from Morocco, which works because Cam is one of the few rappers that can outbrag Rawse. 200 foot yachts, deals with Netflix, 200 karat necklaces – he can talk about it.

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