In shootouts, Evan Nabavian stays low and keeps firing

MPA Shitro seems to have mixed up his rap signifiers. He crip walks over beats by Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia, he calls Young Thug and Casey Veggies family, and he has a track full of hi-hats called “Bacc to Slauson”. While on tour with Kid Ink, Shitro spoke to Houston Hip Hop Fix and explained his name (“My momma called me ‘Shitty’”) and his background — he grew up playing basketball on Slauson before moving to Atlanta for college. In the same stoned daze, Shitro mentions getting shot in the neck and bladder. Reporting from the nexus of Atlanta misfits, he dropped his mixtape Son of a Bricc Lady which yields two great songs.

“#FSO” has gravity undue its shit-talk (no pun intended). Shitro and Casey Veggies have a singular focus on attaining designer clothes, but they make their paper chase into a sworn mandate over commanding piano chords. The best part is Shitro’s breathless Migos-style whirlwind verse. Rarely does scrapping for Margielas sound so solemn as it does on “#FSO”. Elsewhere, Shitro rampages. On “Andre Iggy” he raps wanton violence in a screech usually reserved for ad-libs, falling somewhere between Waka Flocka and something more deranged like “Rhymes I Sniff” by The Cenobites. The song’s newcomer producer goes by Shootout Killin Beats. Shitro is Death with automatic weapons instead of a scythe.

His story rivals 50 Cent’s and his name recalls a certain Wu-Tang affiliate. History might consign him to a footnote in the Peewee Longway story, but not before he talks his shit. Just when you thought Atlanta had exhausted its surprises, it gives you an MPA Shitro.

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