Eric Thurm would like a snack

“Darkness,” the first released track from the NehruvianDOOM EP, was straight garbage. Nehru’s flow was as unoriginal as DOOM’s Special Herbs-jacking production, and the whole thing stunk of a cash-in, DOOM just putting his name on another project because he could pull it off without having to do any work. The idea that NehruvianDOOM was a bigger disappointment than normal coming from the villain, because he’d made it seem like he actually cared about working with the kid Bishop Nehru. If the second cut “Om” is any indication, that first impression might have been dead wrong.

“Om” is basically the opposite of “Darkness” – Nehru is on point, rapping ably and energized over a new DOOM beat. I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard new DOOM production, so if this is just off a Special Herbs volume I haven’t heard please don’t destroy my illusion. It’s about as solid as you can expect from the dude in 2014, too, heading squarely in the darker direction of Key To The Kuffs while including some pulpy vocal samples that complement the EP’s cartoonish, engaging cover art which depicts DOOM as the sorcerer-turned mentor, leading an adventurous Nehru as the pair burn a forest to the ground. DOOM even gets in on the flames, contributing a hook to “Om” that’s maybe not a new verse but is more than he’s done in a minute. Consider this DOOM fan a NehruvianDOOM skeptic one beer away from turning into a full-blown optimist.

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