Torii MacAdams is tired of rappers comparing “Medusa” to all things sedimentary in their rhymes

In Greek mythology, Gaia, the Earth’s mother, is the primordial deity who birthed the Titans, along with daughter Rhea, who begat the Olympian Gods. The Titans and Olympian Gods were combative shit-stirrers, mothered by the terra itself, considerable forces destined to clash. Kevin Gates understands. On his new single “Out the Mud,” Gates, a combative shit-stirrer himself, details his emergence from the Baton Rouge muck of baby mama struggles and the injurious nature of sleepless trapping. Gates’ genesis in the grit and grime of the street have created an Olympian (in the mythological sense) persona, a man battling with his life threatening progenitors in song. Gates is Zeus challenging Cronus, rapping “I ain’t waitin’ on nobody, I’mma go get it/ I ain’t trippin’ on a nigga, I’m a gorilla/ If they take somethin’ from me, I’mma go kill ‘em.” Without the embrace of Earth itself– Gaia– the gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades never best their challengers and ascend to power. Without his humble roots, Kevin Gates never crops up from the mud a prevailing force in rap.

Hit the jump for “Out the Mud” and Gates’ new freestyle “Shit” with Starlito.

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