September 23, 2014


Chris Daly lives like he’s Drop Dead Fred

Sure, the summer of 2014 “officially” is over and done with, but unless you’re a student, who gives a shit about arbitrary calendar dates anyway? September 2nd was the hottest day in the D.C. metro area this year, or at least it was for the purposes of this story, so let’s not let the beginning of the third quarter drag us down unnecessarily. To remind us what the summer is all about, Philly style, at least, Has-Lo and Castle have shared the video for “Good Feelings” from their recent album Live Like You’re Dead. Replete with push-up pops, Capri Suns, sparklers and Wavy potato chips, jawns don’t get much more relaxed than this one.

Castle takes main vocal duties, with Has-Lo occasionally chiming in. Both enjoy the last bits of summer vacation in a tiny backyard with wading pools and a BBQ, which, as we all know, is all one needs to get the hot weather party started. Castle kicks things off questioning the definition of late afternoon morning wood and never looks back. Bonus nerd points for dropping Fin Fang Foom and Fonzi references in what is one of Castle’s best tracks on this album. Perhaps most importantly of all, however, is the guest appearance by Zilla Rocca’s beard. To paraphrase Abe Simpson, that’s some facial hair you can set your watch to, regardless of the time of year.

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