October 1, 2014


Max Bell uses a joint roller.

Did Redman smoke the club out your honor? He pleads five Philly blunts filled with top shelf left coast greenery. Over the breezy, g-funk bounce of the inimitable DJ Quik’s “Spur of the Moment” (Trauma) Redman reminds you that he can rap over anything with ease and punch lines more pungent than anything from your current favorite “lyrical” rapper.

The aptly titled “Pacific to Atlantic Remix” will ostensibly appear on the Muddy Waters 2 mixtape, which I’ve been waiting on since October of last year. For now, Redman continues to bless us with videos like this one (see last month’s “Outspoken Freestyle,” which you can watch/listen to below). As he raps about everything from erotic nuns to mic supremacy, he and his crew ride scooters to a pool party filled with white women drunk enough to get on the slip ‘n slide. It is a Ruff Ryders video circa ’99 meets Cheech & Chong, and it reminds me that some rappers can age gracefully. Maybe that’s because Redman hasn’t aged a day since he taught us how to roll a blunt. If there was a class on longevity, he would supply the tracklist and the weed.

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