Jonah Bromwich thinks your mother is an astronaut

Bowie, Floyd, and Herbie Hancock. French electronic prog, Daft Punk and Marvin Gaye. It’s a cool stew of influences that powers Captain Supernova’s just-released “The Captain’s Theme.” The Captain has been active on Soundcloud for a little over half a year, but for the most part has limited releases to funky/jazzy remixes of Marvin Gaye and MJ classics. The new track finds the backdrop he provided on those tracks moving on to center stage, and though the track is purely functional, it proves as a welcome mission statement from an artist who thus far has hesitated to drop music without the safety net provided by the familiar presence of his idols. There’s little in the way of sonic adornment here but it’s interesting to see an artist so clearly interested in prog defy the genre’s inherent indulgence. Supernova’s first EP drops in early December—and should serve as an indication of the Captain’s ability to transform his preferred vibe into something that bears real weight.

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