10393991_528306470604959_5332470566429331733_nThe third Pharaoh being Chester Watson, spitting gilded hieroglyphics and raps for those with wrapped heads and without. Dismiss any owl who may claim to be in the lineage, but merely has intimate knowledge of what Yeezus did in a sarcophagus.

Chester is closer to the lineage of Monch, the saturnine one who rocked scarabs and racked his brain. Confused organization can pay if you search for the wrong answers under sodium lights. . See Chester, seen here in the video for “Pharoah,” which has already racked up 40K Soundcloud streams in less than a week.

The clip is barely over a minute, inspiration courtesy of narcotics and Doom and Madlib’ runic fragments. It could well be Dazed and Confused part two, the sequel shot in any strip mall parking lot in the over-salted waistline of middle America. In this case outside of Tampa, dressed in all black like the omen, dropping French and thousand dollar words like “Grenadier.”

No forgiveness or khaki endorsements. This is simple and spare. Teenagers getting baked in baking heat and mumbling cryptic thoughts will be with us as long as limestone pyramids.

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