Abe Beame can’t decide between Sparks and 4Loko

If you’re like me and are coming late to OG Maco’s “U Guessed It”, prepare to have the most fun you’ll have on Youtube all month. The premise is simple: A gang of early twenty somethings from Atlanta run around the Overlook Hotel turnt on a potent cocktail of loud, malt liquor, Red Bull and Crystal Meth. But oh, is it brilliant.

A few observations:

· There are no women in this video

· The minor piano loop is so minimal is barely exists, more or less a pretense for OGG to wild the fuck out

· The security guards at this hotel are not good at their jobs

· The random concert footage inserted two and a half minutes into the video feels completely arbitrary. Good money says whoever the production duo @madebygoldrush is they were lit while they were editing this.

· Watching this video may cause you to compulsively scream “YOU WAS MOTHAFUCKIN RIGHT” in inappropriate situations for a full week.

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