Deen wanted Jordan’s with the blue suede on it

I get the sense that a bunch of writers smarter and more generous with their time than me have written about how we all discover new music in 2014. I’m here to reveal a dirty secret: we all make mean and funny quips about how we never click on the links muthafuckas send us on Twitter, but that’s a not the entire story. The truth is that a lot of us writer sorts click on more of those than we care to admit. I definitely do and I’ve discovered a lot of really good music over the last few years.

Now that I’ve gotten the only instance of snitchin’ I intend to do until one of you poor types threatens my property value outta the way, let’s get to the music. One of the things I’ll always love about rap is the constant braggadocio on display, regardless of what said rapper has or hasn’t achieved. Nicey Most Likely’s ‘G(ut) Check’ is the perfect example of this. Somehow, I don’t believe that this gentleman is in any position to claim first place right from jump, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t sound convincing during this brief salvo. So much so that the song encouraged me to let y’all know that I actually click on links I get via Twitter. I could be wrong but I’m hearing a confident and measured cadence married to a lot of aggression and some clever wordplay over some epic sounding shit. If one of my favorite famous rap heroes rapped like this guy over this beat, I’d be pretty excited about it. So I figured why not get excited about what I just heard anyway? After all, blogs are the new A&Rs, right. Lol. Or maybe that’s just Drake’s Instragram account.

There’s a metric fuck ton of talent out there if you’re willing to give folks a listen or two. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lotta shit stuff in the bunch too but that’s why we’re here: to help you filter that shit. And if you happen to hate the picks I make? You should probably go ahead and click on a few of those spammy looking links in your Twitter notifications tab. Or you could just sit around and bitch about how “rap sucks now” while you listen to Iguana Australia on your way to your depressing 9-5 every day in your mediocre car with the oil leak. You should definitely get that oil leak checked, bruh.

So on that note, I guess I’d like to let y’all know that I (we?) fully intend to make this a weekly or at least somewhat regular feature of the site. Every week, I’ll try to point you in the direction of some obscure shit I discovered via Twitter (or some other route). We might even find a name for this column. Who knows? The possibilities here extend as far as the coding for this website goes!

One last thing though. I know at least one writer that has NEVER clicked on Twitter spam links and that’s the guy that runs this site. Seriously. Don’t tweet anything in his direction. That would be an unfortunate waste of keystrokes. You’ve been warned.

Oh and one other last thing. I did some additional sleuthing and learned a bit more about Nicey Most Likely (besides the fact that he might need a better moniker). He’s from Central Florida, he’s a biology/psychology pre-med student (I’m impressed again) and he plans to drop a full project in November called 1st PLC CMPGN. He also hates grits. Or not. Whatever. Check his stuff out or contact him here

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