Meek Mill gets released from jail (apparently not yet but for the purposes of this post, he’s free) and somehow despite all that R&R, he still sounds as winded as if he just defeated Bruce Jenner in a Decathlon. To be fair, B.J. has devolved into a plasticine K.D. Lang shell of his former self. He’s easy picking. However, Meek Mill and the newly christened Boosie Badazz are stalwarts, permanently bosses despite having a crime record longer than Manute Bol or Rudy Gobert. I was in Philly last weekend and had the benefit of seeing how much Meek Mill was missed via a whole train of people spontaneously shmoney dancing down South Street while “Hot Nigga” played. Because let’s be real, Shmurda is just the Lil Snupe that Meek Mill was hoping to mentor (RIP).

If you needed any more evidence that Boosie’s rage remains as real as it ever was, there’s this verse where he stunts as though that time in Angola gave him an advanced degree. This is some Stunt 501 boasting about his cars and watch, show money and general Boosieness. We might not have the Boosie album that will induce tears in me the moment I hear it, but at least we still have Badazz throwing twisted metal at every track he runs over. What the fuck do I mean? If you don’t know, then you have never seen a roomful of people in Baton Rouge break out in a mass sing-a-long to “Set It Off.”

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