Max Bell had a turkey sandwich and strawberries for lunch.

You cannot compare Migos to The Beatles. The music, decades, and locales are as distant as they are dissimilar. Yet people on Twitter continue to claim the brothers bando are better than Liverpool’s biggest band pre Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Flock of Seagulls. Some are probably being facetious; others will respond to people asking for the time by yelling, “Just wait on it!” I’m not here to settle the debate or tell you the time. But, to quote one Migos devotee’s salient point, “[John, Paul, George and Ringo] ain’t never touch down on a pussy nigga.”

“Story I Tell” is the latest offering from the prolific and always animated ATLiens. Produced by Murda, the self-proclaimed “King of Canadian Trap Music” and Justin Bieber’s aged stunt double, Zaytoven-esque keys are tempered with the chords of a guitar gently weeping. It’s not “In My Life,” but it is their life story; a reintroduction for those who didn’t follow the road to riches. Here Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset recall days with the pocket rocket and the place (read: bando) they remember, the place that changed them forever. Friends (read: plugs), lovers (read: your bitch), and foes (read: haters) both dead and living are often thought about.

While this isn’t the best Migos song of late (see “Trouble”), it serves as a reminder that the trio are better rappers than most are willing to admit. Detractors who initially cried gimmick have since soaked up the flow like Tampax (and Neil Patrick Harris). Cadence aside, there are several flashes of the their criminally underrated ability as writers on “Story I Tell.” Quavo compares the bando to a hot pocket before likening his slanging rocks to the on court distribution of John Stockton; Takeoff’s money is taller than a little person and so is his gun; Offset, the double-mint fresh author, juxtaposes babies drinking similac with fiends getting stuck on his product. If the trap rap game is measured in hefty bags, their rhymes and ounces weigh enough.

The next Migos mixtape, Rich Nigga Timeline, is due out November 5th. For now, let it be. I mean, just wait on it.

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